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About the Show

The show will take place over three days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

We want to fill those days with Art of all kinds. Art for spaces, art for people, art for the ears… all kinds of art.

Watch here for the schedule as it develops. It will be shaped and modeled to best share the talent and their expressions.


Friday September 16

  • 5pm Doors Open
  • 7pm Opening Reception with meet and greet with Artists and Talent
  • 8pm Open mic time for readings and performances
  • 9pm After Party with DJs Tres and Le Cube, with Matt Warburton in the Chillout Lounge, ($4 cover)

Saturday September 17

  • 4pm Doors open
  • 4:30pm-8pm Readings, poems, and live performances.
    Community Collaboration
  • 8pm Fashion Show followed by meet and
    greet with designers and models ($5 cover)
  • After After Party with DJs Tres and Le Cube, with Matt Warburton in the Chillout Lounge, ($4 cover)

Sunday September 18

  • Noon Doors open- Independent Films
  • 3pm Charity Auction closes
  • 5pm Closing Toast

After Party entertainment by DJs Tres and Le Cube

What is Issues?

More about the theme

Issues, it’s a term thats become pretty common in the larger discourse in society. Everyone says they have them, a few identify them, but when it comes right down to it no one seems to have an interest in hauling the deepest darkest ones to the surface where viewing them may do some good.

Issues is an event for Artists, of all kinds, where you can do just that. Find the dark spots in your mind that disturb you, or interest you, or both at the same time. Bring it into your creations and show it to the world.

We’ll give you a venue you bring the vision.

What's going on here?

The Second in a series of themed art shows featuring local and regional talent.

This is a forum for local and regional talent to look deep within themselves and share what’s in those deep dark corners.

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