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Preview of Art for the Issues Show

This is a sneak preview of just a few of the pieces of art and artists that will be on display at the Issues show.

Any pieces that are sold online will be available for pick-up on Sunday, the 18th at the show.

What Truth Is In The Mirror?
Acrylic on Canvas
Julia Kappenman

What's in the Mirror by Julia Kappenman

One of a three part series, “Anorexia to Obesity: Societal pressures outlining a view of perfection vs value.”
The fashion industries view of physical perfection vs the restaurant industries view of consuming our value in food.

22" x 28"

Oil in Canvas
Caroline Hurley

Chrysalis by Caroline Hurley

I had to take a step back in time emotionally to finish this piece, as it was started in one "phase" of my life and finished in quite a different realm altogether.

The piece is entitled "Chrysalis". It is about allowing people or events to take control of you and your energy field. To rob you, blind you – make life seem as death, heaven as hell – but we allow these things, you see. It is all a matter of perception. The dandelions represent life, that is ever present, and they are in the white phase to represent the constant continuity of change.

The piece actually took on a greater meaning in the process,(as in my experience they often do.)

A little back story behind this would be my previous painting entitled "Surrender." Surrender is all about letting go, allowing the greater force in life to take over – and to grow and change with the flow of life, instead of trying to remain in the illusion of "being in control." Now I can see in that painting, all of these things I wished to represent…but here’s a little secret, in painting it – I did as I always do. I studied every line – every detail, every flow, design, every color used…total control. It is a tangible oxymoron to a tee.

If you know my work, you know that I love tiny brushes, the smaller the better. I love intricate details. I can spend literally eight hours a day for six weeks straight working on one painting for this reason.

What Surrender taught me is the truth of my current piece Chrysalis. I want to keep going. I want to "perfect" it. It "needs" to be tweaked, detailed, analyzed, over-analyzed, added to…it’s never enough.

Yes it is.

A lesson I have learned personally is being shown in my work here. It is going to be left alone. It is just so. It is just like life, and it’s perfect in it’s imperfection. Just as everything under the sun.

Raw, unnerved, exposed…real.

18" x 24"

Confused Happiness
Mixed Media
Brandi Bently

Confused Happiness By Brandi Bently

Mixed Media with plaster, Acrylic, A Journey that started as something completely different end with this Abstract , I only painted when I listened to my friends or myself with relationships, Based on mood,thats the color I chose.

36" x 48"

Acrylic on Canvas
Mark Sabaliauskas

Crucifixion Part I by Mark Sabaliauskas

This piece is one of three canvas that depict the crucifixion. All together there are three canvas two depicting the hands of Christ, and a third depicting the face of Christ. All are not yet completed, but will be done in the same color scheme and style. The issue I am presenting is the, in my opinion, under-appreciation of religious art in the modern world.

20" x 16"

In the Arms of an Angel
Mixed Media
Cathy Jager

In the Arms of an Angel by Cathy Jager

Mixed media on canvas dealing with the issue of death.

20" x 16"

Needles and Pins
Mixed Media
Cindy Shumake

Needles and Pins by Cindy Shumake

I have a big heart and people take advantage of that. No matter how much I’ve been hurt, I let the wrong person in again and again. That is what this piece is about. I feel like this voodoo doll, constantly allowing people to rip my heart out and stab it with many little pins.

Pain Flows Like a River
Ruby V.C. Dalton-Martin

Ruby Dalton- Pain Flows Like a River

This piece is inspired by the colors I see behind my eyelids when I am in Pain.

It is also indicative of pain flowing over a person, molding them, like a river forms a canyon.

10” x 8”

Photographic Manipulation
Michael Pysh

Shattered by Michael Pysh

This is a photographic manipulation representing Schizophrenia.

18" x 20"

Somethin’ in the Blood: Adoration, Redemption, Baptism
Jody Mitchell

Adoration by Jody Mitchell Redemption by Jody Mitchell Baptism by Jody Mitchell

The red death had long devastated the country. No pestilence had ever been so fatal, or so hideous.

Viral, insidious, no accident, positive in a classically negative sort of way…

There’s no mistake, it’s spelled correctly. Tryptic: a pancreatic enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of proteins to form smaller polypeptide units. A lovely play on words… A wonderful coincidence no? If there was such a thing as coincidence, but we know better, don’t we…

They slit a screen on an open window to gain access to the house…

I wonder what color those enzymes are that are oozing and bubbling out of your pancreas. That’s a good place to start, the human body. All those foul fluids, pumping and percolating. All those decaying organs fitted tightly inside your skin. I say decaying because we are all dying from the moment we’re born, no? Slowly poisoned by the air, the food, the water, our own carelessness, the purposefulness of others. The bacterialy infested rutting, seething, feeding vermin called the human race

The blood is the life, the blood is life, the blood is death, life is death, death is life, but I digress…

A good place to end, the deranged ramblings of heretical Jews. The messianic masterpiece perpetrated for the good of the few. The king of kings, the sun king the king upon his throne. He is dead, was born, never was. The sun has risen! Spread the good news, perpetuate the lie, keep the slaves believing in what you know to be false, mold it, use it to advance your greed, your hate.

Love, love, love… love is all you need.

Tryptic, 8" x 10" each

The Breakthrough
Mixed Media
Cindy Shumake

Breakthrough by Cidy Shumake

I’ve always had issues with my body and appearance. I read the book "Body For Life" years ago in an effort to motivate myself to obtain a more acceptable body and "gain control of my life." This piece is a reaction to the extreme ideals that have been thrown in my face all of my life. To have control over my life, I must have control over my body… And that makes me angry

The Embrace
Chelsea Smith

The Embrace by Chelsea Smith

In this image I wanted to portray someone who was suffering from being
alone or being unsure of who they could rely on for comfort and
support. I wanted to show that sometimes you just have to rely on
yourself to get you through some situations and that you can be your
own best friend. You just have to embrace who you are and go keeping
moving forward.

10" x 8" in frame

The Fall
Pen and ink on acid free Bristol board
Jeff Mack

The Fall by Jeff Mack

My inspiration for "The Fall" came from my lifelong irrational fear of heights. The image of a person falling from an office building shows the kind of images that flash through my mind as I get dizzy and break out in a cold sweat as I approach windows or edges of structures in high places. I chose stippling because I felt the soft black and white values the technique gave a foggy quality to the composition that felt like the kind of unlikely images that play through my mind when I am frightened.

11" x 14" in frame

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